This time we’re in Rio De Janeiro. Jonny meets Manchester United and Spain star Juan Mata, to find out all about his charity common goal, Brazil star Ramires reveals what makes him tick on and off the pitch. Layla Anna-Lee calls in on Brazil star Rafinha, and the legendary Ronaldinho opens up about his career and life without his father.


  1. Juan Mata – Talking about his charity Common Goal with Jonny.
  2. Ramires – making traditional Brazilian cheese bread with presenter Caroline De Moraes.
  3. Rafinha Alcantara – Talking about his love of music and winning an Olympic Medal with Layla.
  4. Ronaldinho – We’re in Dubai with Ronaldinho as he reflects on his career and looks forward with his new academy.



Brazil Loves Football

There can be no doubt that Brazil has a love of football unlike anywhere else in the world, we get to the heart of why and the unique language they use when it comes to the beautiful game.


Invented on the beaches of Rio, Footvolley is a cross between football and volleyball and is the quintessential Brazilian experience. Jonny finds out if he’s got what it takes to make it at the top.


There’s a certain style to Brazilian football, movements that you don’t see elsewhere. That’s known as Ginga. Layla discovers exactly what that is.

Samba Football

Layla and Jonny see the importance of Samba in Brazil, seeing its influence on football and joining in one of the top schools two weeks before Carnival.